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How We're Compensated

First of all, we are affordable.

Initial consultations in our office are provided at no charge.

Most of our clients choose to have their investment assets in a "managed" account where there are minimal ticket charges and management fees and never any sales charges or commissions. We're compensated by assessing a fee that is a percentage of the assets under our management. Management fees typically start at 1.25%/year and decline with account size.

Other clients choose to use us strictly for our financial planning services. Multiple financial issues can be addressed on a consultative basis. Often a complete financial plan is desired. Fees for this service begin at $150 per hour.

Occasionally, clients will use our assistance with investments in retail brokerage accounts, directly with mutual fund companies, variable annuity and/or with insurance products. In these cases, the provider pays a commission to us and may, in some cases, charge the client a sales charge.